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Harvesting opportunities for brokers: the untapped potential of farm financing

 Brokers without a rural upbringing may not know a lot about how farms or farm financing work, but even a residential broker can be taught how to handle a farm deal. 

Financial freedom for Canadians 55+: HomeEquity Bank boosts CHIP Reverse Mortgage support for the broker channel

 HomeEquity Bank is steadfastly committed to providing older Canadians with the means to enjoy their retirement years with greater confidence by enhancing our efforts to collaborate with the mortgage broker channel. 

How new mortgage brokers are overcoming the challenges of today’s high-rate environment

 It’s no secret that the current high-rate environment has been challenging for mortgage borrowers and mortgage professionals alike. 

How the Smith Manoeuvre can help mortgage brokers grow their business

 For nearly four decades, Canadians have turned to an investment strategy of writing off the interest from mortgage payments as tax-deductible. Known as the Smith Manoeuvre—after its creator, financial planner Fraser Smith—the strategy involves getting a readvanceable mortgage, which includes a line of credit. After paying the mortgage every month, a homeowner then borrows the […]

Manulife One’s modern innovation meets Nick L’Ecuyer’s old school charm

 There are fewer places left where Canadians can get holistic mortgage and financial advice from a familiar member of the local community. Thanks to mortgage broker Nick L’Ecuyer, Simcoe County is one of them. 

Here’s why prospective first-time buyers should open a First Home Savings Account before Dec. 31

 The new First Home Savings Account (FHSA) is being hailed by some as “the greatest deal in the history of Canadian savings.” 

The importance of effective listening to your success as a broker

 As mortgage brokers look for ways to stand out in a competitive industry landscape, it’s increasingly important to consider the impact that clear and concise communication can have on service levels. 

A 4.99% mortgage is providing short-term relief to borrowers…but what’s the catch?

 Some new and innovative mortgage products have recently emerged to help Canadians manage the current high interest rate environment, perhaps most talked-about being True North Mortgages 1-year 4.99% fixed rate term.